Mini-libraries in Bogota

Mini-libraries in Bogota, Colombia (Photo via African Library Project)

Mini-libraries in Bogota, Colombia. Photo via African Library Project.

Recently I stumbled upon this image from the African Library Project of a mini-library kiosk in Bogota, Colombia. These mini-libraries are from Paradero Para Libros Para Parques (PPP) a program whose goal is to promote literacy across the country. There are over 100 kiosks across Bogota, and according to PPP’s website, the libraries are open 12 hours per week and are staffed by volunteers who answer questions, organize activities and also help children with their homework! The program is a part of Fundalectura in association with city parks department. You can see a short video about the project here.

Indoor spaces can feel exclusive and sometimes intimidating. Forty-seven of these kiosks are spread throughout neighborhoods in Bogota, making them very accessible to anyone who walks by.

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